Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oops I did it Again

The pain from Boston is finally receding from my legs (though they are still pretty cooked) and already I have done something very, very stupid: I signed up for this. I went for the 50 mile version, not the 100.

Don't ask me why because I have no good rationale. I will admit that I succumbed to peer pressure on this one: Coach Phil signed Up and I've long wanted to do a trail race with him. And so, it's in the books. This is the race Payro did last year (and I crewed for) and it's literally in my backyard, so the upside is that I get to train on the course. And it's quite a beautiful course, too. I figure it will be a long, slow slog. If any of you NorCal folks are interested in helping crew, I'm all ears.

I'll repeat it again: man, am I an idiot. That being said, I'm also kind of stoked.

In other news -- well, there isn't a lot to report. Crazy busy with work (and things on that front seem to be taking a positive turn, which is very good thing), we are recovering from the big party this past Sunday (which once again, was awesome. Mad props to the wife) and I am getting ready to be Mr. Mom for the weekend. That's right: The Wife is getting set to head to Florida to see our new nice, leaving me with the two animals. First time I have had the two kids alone for a long, long while. Maybe ever come to think of it. I might have to live blog this experience. Stay tuned for some good stories.

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