Thursday, April 16, 2009


Funny think about vacation: 9 times out of 10, I'm generally not terribly excited about leaving and oftentimes, as was the case just last week, seriously on the precipice of cancelling due to work. Then, I get where I am going ... and want to stay forever. Or at minimum, a very long time. That best describes this little jaunt to Mexico. I left the family behind so I could get back early, go to work tomorrow and then head to Boston (more on this in a moment) and was so sad to leave. Part of this is due to the fact that Mexico, like Hawaii, is just so easy going, but I think the other part is that I'm at a stage in life where my kids are really fun. They don't have to be watched/entertained every moment (though they still have their moments and are far from perfect, trust me), they can keep themselves occupied and they are fun to hang out with, whether it's playing in the pool, playing baseball, reading together, etc. Nine and six; it's a nice age.

But reality beckons and here I am. All good things do indeed come to an end. Now I am sitting in front of the TV (something I refuse to do while on vacation), looking at the weather for Boston and trying to figure out what in the hell I am going to pack. 47 and rainy? Oh boy. That there is hypothermia weather. I am going to have to man up for this one; I have a sense its going to be absolutely epic. The scary thing? I am totally stoked.


gailaj said...

Have a great run, Howard! And be careful what you wish for -- cool is better than heat, isn't it? (Or are you a hot-weather runner now?) GOOD LUCK! Gail

Anonymous said...

best of luck on Monday. Run strong and run hard. I know you will do well, and the whole quirke family will be thinking about you and hoping you do well.

what is your bib number? I would love to track you.

knock this one out, How.

Anonymous said...

good luck howie. rob