Thursday, April 23, 2009


Anyone watching Southland? Seems pretty good to me, though this is my first episode. Which leads me to this: I haven't been watching quite as much TV as year's past. I'm not sure what's gotten into me. Could be that I have been running a lot these past few months (fortunately, that's over) and reading tons on my Kindle (I will save the review of my newest book for another post). And so, I haven't been as focused on TV.

One show I HAVE been watching however if American Idol. I think this is actually a pretty good season talent wise. I am predicting that the final two comes down to Danny and Adam. I think Adam is the best singer the show has ever seen, but I predict, as of the last show, that Danny wins. His story -- being widowed at such a young age -- will push him over the top.

One relatively new show I have gotten into is Fringe, though this second season has been a little lame. Anyway -- anything else out there that I should be paying attention to? The new Amy Poehlner show perhaps?

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