Monday, April 20, 2009

Super Tough Day

First; thanks for all the well wishes everyone. Much appreciated. I felt your good vibes all day.

It wasn't quite the day I had hoped for: I finished in 3:41, which I guess is respectable, but I had hoped for a bit better. A few quick things before I run off to meet with the Livestrong folks:

1. the weather was tough (low 40's, headwind the entire way) and the course way even tougher (hills, hills and more hills. None are particularly egregious but they get you in the end.

2. they stage you in Hopkington for 2.5 hours before the race starts. Although I brought food I started to get hungry and as a reslt I started downing GU's at a fast pace. As a result fo that, I threw up said GU's at around mile 19.

3. I think this was my biggest issue: I literally started at he back of the race; the 26th corral out of 27. the roads were narrow and I couldn't get any pacing going until literally mile 7. After that, I was never able to get into a good groove.

SO, that's that. I am not complaining; it was a spectacular experience overall. The women of Weslyan are the best and this Yankee fan will dare say that Bostonians were awesome. Glad I did it, glad I'm done, glad to be going home.

over and out for now. And thank again, y'all, for all the support. Oh, and huge, special, most awesome props to my parents, for making the trip for the weekend. That really meant a lot.


michael Beno said...

well done, how.

Anonymous said...

glad we were there to watch but if mom saw you puke you know she would have pulled you out and taken you home. me. i can go either way on

Crazymamaof6 said...

i was super impressed with your time.
for what it's worth.
I seriously kept refreshing to check up on your progress, and thought you did awesome!

gailaj said...

Way to go, Howard. Now that you're done I can confess: I did Boston only once (way back in '90) and also hated the narrow start, and the late kickoff time.....but I think you did great under the circumstances. And now take it easy and recover! Gail
PS Checked your Livestrong and am super impressed with your fundraising!