Sunday, April 5, 2009

California Weekend

This was a pretty prototypical California weekend: yesterday featured baseball game (Rangers won, 9-6, to put them at 2-1-2) and swimming lesson. Today, while the Boy was at baseball practice, The Girl, The Wife and I hiked up a new trail, Horse Hill, which is basically exactly as it sounds. The wildflowers were out in full effect and the horses, which apparently belong to someone in town, are equally beautiful. The Little Girl dug this hike. In the afternoon, the Little Boy and I played baseball (anyone noting baseball as a recurring motif?) at a local field until he waved the white flag and said he was too tired to go on. Which was a good thing because I felt the same way. That's saying something for him. Afterwards, I took both Kids to the beach, where we waded in the Ocean, climbed big rocks (monster rocks, actually), and checked out the tide pool. I have to say: when the weather is nice here, as it was this weekend (I think the low for the weekend was 68), there is very little idle time in this household. Come to think of it, there's little idle time in this household even when the weather is bad.

In other news, I ran my last quasi-long run before Boston. While it was only 13 miles, I felt pretty lousy and am fearful that I am on the verge of a stress fracture on my right foot. could be the taper messing with my head but as stated previously, I'm looking forward to this being over. While it certainly won't mark the end of running for me, I expect that this will be my last road marathon for quite some time. These things are just too stressful on my soon-to-be 43 year old body.

Over and out for tonight.

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