Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Redux

Ok y'all; who do you think is going to take the title of American Idol? Logic says Adam; I don't care what anyone says, he's flat out the best singer the show has ever seen. That being said, the final three comes down to a popularity contest and the other kid could have broader appeal. Speaking of that other kid, Kris Allen, his Kanye West song last week was the best performance of the year. That's the rare American Idol song that I'd possibly even buy. In fact, I think the kids are going to insist on it.

In other, more testosterone related news, a very interesting Giro is shaping up. Lance is starting to show his form and I think he's looking good for the Tour de France (and listen up, America: he's treating the Giro like a hard block of training. That's all. He wasn't bluffing on this one). DiLuca had a terrific ride today and has been awesome but I think Levi is in the catbird seat given his time trial abilities. Should be a very interesting next ten days, to say the least.

Lastly, Ma and Pa Solomon are headed home in the am. We had a terrific time together and we will miss them a lot.


Anonymous said...


he'll pick up danny's fans. This is a popularity context amongst voters, and i suspect kris is just too likeable.


Anonymous said...

nothing about our personal rooting section at the girls swim meet (and practices) and the boys baseball games (and practices) where he clearly demonstrated the appropriatness of his nickname "sure thing" (not unlike a girl i chased in my youth. don't recall if i ever caught her). gs and is

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it you got the talent part right but the winner wrong. I think America wanted a down to earth kid to win. Adam is very talented but not the American Idol. He will have a wonderful career no matter what. Chris is the all american so america chose him. They both have a great future.