Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Open Letter To Palm

Dear Palm:

It's a big week for you guys; I wish you nothing but great things. My firm helped you guys launch the Treo several years ago (note: that's my first effort to hopefully soften you up) and though the business relationship ended a long while ago, we've remained fans from afar (kiss ass effort # 2).

I'm sure you are waiting with bated breathe this week for the reviews from the Big Boys: Walt, Pogue, Wildstrom et al. While all eyes will be on them -- and of course, I expect nothing but glowing reviews (Kiss ass #3), I'm hoping that you can .... well, there's no dignified way of saying it. I am hoping you can hook a blogger up.

While I don't have the biggest audience in the world, they are tech savvy, and pretty loyal to these pages. And if you do a quick search, you'll see that mobile devices probably ranks as item number four on these here pages, behind cancer, running, and music, and ahead of my Wife, Kids and work. I've reviewed multiple devices, including iPhone (repeatedly), HTC 8525, Motorola Q and soon, the Nokia e71. Beyond that, I've owned several other mobile devices, including pretty much every Blackberry ever made.

With the exception of perhaps the iPhone, I've never pined for a device quite as much as the Pre. To be honest, I'd probably bite the bullet and sign up with Sprint, except for the small little fact that I'd be risking divorce. Even so, I'm giving it consideration. There's also the not so small fact that the $70/month Sprint data package is a tad expensive for what would be a third account.

So here's what I'd like to kindly propose: hook me up with a test unit for 30 days, and I'll write about it at least once a week, if not more. At the end of said 30 day period, if I love it, I'll cancel my ATT subscriptions and buy my own (and of course, sign up for Sprint in the process).

Thanks for the consideration and I have y fingers crossed that you fid it in your heart to show some love to a pitifully pathetic, piddly and at times pedantic little blogger such as myself. I recognize this is a spectacular longshot, but still, a guy can (shamelessly) try, can't he?


Beno said...

Pretty shameless dude. Just what you need -- a third smart phone. Also, consider me hopeful that Pre's PR peeps read their Google alerts and take you up on your "offer," and if they do, consider me jealous.

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