Thursday, May 14, 2009

Definition of a Good Day

The definition of a good day is when:

-- one buddy tests negative for cancer. The anticipation of this test literally has been keeping me awake for a week.

-- another buddy gets a clean scan (for thyroid cancer) and gets to put the last several weeks behind him.

-- big, huge humungous work meeting goes well.

-- my kid's baseball team, who have had two really demoralizing defeats of late, steps it up and defeats The mighty Tigers, who were previously 10-0. Oh, and my kid steals home twice, makes two great plays (including the game winning catch) and gets the game ball -- something he has literally been dreaming about for weeks! He told me on the car rider home that tonight was the greatest night of his life. I told him it might be mine too. I'll confess to getting a little teary-eyed when the coach flipped him the game ball. For once, he gets to go to school the conquering hero.

-- And as I type these words, a bottle of 15-year old Balevenie catches my eye. Perfect topper to a real good day.


Anonymous said...

you remind me of how i felt when you were the winning pitcher in your little league all star game. unfortunately i don't think you won a game after that. look out for more stories like that. we are off to s.f this am. gs

Crazymamaof6 said...

sounds like an AWESOME DAY!

what a proud dad! that is great!

Anonymous said...

congrats little man!

Anonymous said...

Life is full of different happenings that make us happy or sad. I feel like this day was the one of the happy ones. What a wonderful thing that happened to your son and it will always be special to him and of course you. We are so proud of him and look forward to many many more pleasures that your children bring to all of us.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great day.