Monday, May 25, 2009

Born To Run

I know I'm a great big running geek, so what I say on this topic has to be taken with a grain of salt, but I could not recommend a book more than this one. It's not just a great running book, it's a great book period. The author spins a terrific TALE and this one is highly enjoyable, regardless of whether you are an ultra runner or a coach potato.

My man Payro and I actually went to see the author speak last Thursday night in Marin County. It was extremely interesting but Payro was so dorked that he kept talking and talking to the author, while a line of about ten people waited behind him, somewhat impatiently. Finally, the author said something to the effect of "hey man, I'd love to talk to you after the event, but I really need to sign these other autographs." The ultimate brush off. I think I goofed on Payro for an hour straight after that one.

Anyway, pick up "Born to Run" via Kindle or hard copy; I promise you'll be stoked. Perhaps not quite as much as Payro, but stoked all the same.


payro said...

No bones about it - it was really cool to hear the guy speak. And the book truly is terrific, but (as Howard notes), I'm pretty biased. The interesting thing is that I am familiar with most of the folks in the book. Both the author and I (and Howard) are on an ultrarunning listserve with many of the people mentioned.

It's worth noting that the book is excellent, whether you're a runner or not - it's a great story about some interesting adventures in Mexico with some true characters.


Anonymous said...

" a terrific YAWN " and i'm supposed to rush to read it?gs

gailaj said...

My husband downloaded an interview with the author from WNYC's (NPR) Brian Lehrer show which was very interesting and worth your time (although maybe he spoke about much of the same things you heard in person). FWIW, here's the link: