Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I received a new product today, and boy is it ever cool. I might go so far as to say that it's my product of the year. Important disclaimer before I go on: the folks who make the chip that drives this product are a new client of my firm. But that's not why I am recommending it: I am recommending it because it's incredibly easy to use and cool as hell.

The product is called Pogoplug and you can link to it it here. It's beyond simple: you take a zip drive, any old zip drive and connect it to the Pogoplug, which in turns connects to your router. What this then does is transform your zipdrive into a networked zipdrive that is accessible anywhere via Internet access. So, I no longer have to carry around my zip drive whenever I travel; I can access my music collection (which is fairly voluminous) from virtually anywhere. Same goes for movies, photos, documents, etc. Not only that, but I can enable access so that select individuals can also access my drive. In my wonky little tech world, that is pretty powerful stuff. And if you happen to own a MacBook Air, like I do, this is game changing in that it frees up your one USB port for other things.

The best part about all this? It's available for less than $100. I'm convinced this is going to be a game changer.

Let me know if any of you are interested in test driving it and I will open up access. At minimum, it will provide you access to some cool new music.


Anonymous said...

this sounds good (i have no idea what you are writing about) but can it compare with the boy getting the game ball yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Not as cool as getting the game ball, however, hook me up how. Let me know how to access your drive and I'll give you a report.

this takes cloud storage to a whole new level. Wow.... rob

Nana said...

The wind is blowing and the sailing is great, only problem is you all are to far away. We would love to see the boy catch the ball or hit the winning run and the girl at her swim meets. Oh well, keep reporting all the wonderful events, etc.

Brian said...

I want this, and I want it bad.