Monday, May 4, 2009

Random Thoughts

The Wife made it home, both kids were alive and no worse for the wear -- mission accomplished. Truth be told, we actually had a terrific time, though I hasten to add that I was pretty happy to see the Mrs. when I got home tonight. The highlight of this little extravaganza occurred this morning when the Little GIrl had a pre-school meltdown concerning a ponytail gone awry. She didn't really understand that dad's can't do ponytails (or at least, to the same effect as their mothers).

So, that's that. Now I get to go to LA for a few days to work/decompress (though mostly work).

So what else is new? I am sitting here watching Yankees vs. Red Sox and am seriously bummed out. Freaking Yankees aren't showing much of anything, despite spending literally a hundred million dollars this offseason. I also think this new stadium might be a complete jinx. Regardless, it has the makings of a very long and depressing season, unless they can turn it around quickly.

Amazon is going to be announcing a new, longer Kindle this week. I think that has got to be a world record for pimping early adopters; mine isn't even two months old yet. I think that Amazon is the new Apple, in more than one respect. Speaking of the Kindle, I really do love it, though I probably would have gone for a bit more real estate (screen space). On the subject, I am currently reading Columbine, which is a riveting and borderline frightful read. It's received very positive reviews and reminds me to a certain extent of Mailer's Executioners Song. Thus far, highly recommended. I believe this is book seven of the year, so I am on pace to hit my goal fo 12 for the year.

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