Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to Reality

Ok, then. We have been back less than 24 hours and Hawaii is already but a fleeting memory. Back to the grindstone and the rainy, 52 degree San Francisco weather. That was a spectacular trip though and just what the doctor needed.

So, a few things:

-- I've done a terrible job of watching the Olympics. Any suggestions as to what I need to catch up on? Any sport especially compelling? Note I have been doing my best to watch short track skating, because that sport - and my main man Apolo Ohno - just freaking rules.

-- Read a few good books while I was away. Ed Viestur's new book about K2, which is terrific if you are into the climbing genre. K2 makes Everest look like a proverbial walk through the park. Also ready Norman Ollstead's memoir, Crazy About the Storm. Also a good, interesting read. I could see why it was on a lot of people's list of Top 10 books of 2009. I also also about halfway into Predictably Irrational, which is more of a pop culture/business/psychology business tome in the spirit of Freakonomics. I'm about 200 pages in and while it's interesting it's also starting to get slightly tedious.

-- Worked out quite a bit while on vacation - lots of swimming and weights and moderated running (meaning about four runs, none longer than 5.5 miles). The ankle felt ok, though the pain is still fairly persistent. Anyway, I went to a long scheduled physical therapy appointment today and both me and the therapist noted that there was a considerable amount of swelling; much more so than my last appointment. So, I can run, but right now I'm she's limiting me to about 5 miles at a clip, and no more than 3-4 runs per week. I'm starting to think this damn thing is never going to get better.

Anyway, that's about it for tonight. Late arrival home last night so need to get some much needed sleep.


Anonymous said...

suggest you check out womens skating;pretty girls,skimpy costumes. actually all the athletes are good looking. like they got them from a casting agency. nice to have you back in CONTINENTAL U.S. gs

Anonymous said...

in a word... CURLING... Sport of the future!


neil s. said...

Ski Cross is the best event ever. those dudes are nuts.

Nana said...

All I can say is one day we hope to see Your daughter in the Summer Olympic games (swimming of course)wouldn't that be great?

Anonymous said...

was tb a cheerleader at m for their CURLING team ?

irchef said...

i agree with neil s. that ski cross is the best new olympic event.