Monday, February 15, 2010


Aloha and greetings from Hawaii. So far so good; unlike our trip last year the weather has been absolutely perfect. We've been here less than 48 hour bu have already hit the beach, the pool, the gym and the trail. And we have eaten pretty well too. Today's activity might involve surfing. Speaking of which, the surf has been so big it is almost indescribeable. More pictures later.

Posted via email from Howard Solomon


gailaj said...

Enjoy, I'll try not to be too jealous when we get snow tomorrow in Queens ;)

PS Don't forget the sunscreen.

Anonymous said...

jealous! swim in that water! run on that beach! lay around and do nothing! most of all, enjoy.

Nana said...

I am happy to see you have finally slowed down and enjoying yourself and family. It is about time.