Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jeez Louise

In my three years of blogging and over the course of my 702 posts, I make one freaking overt faux pas ("continental US" in regards to Hawaii) and you, my dear readers, are all over me. Well, at least you are paying attention I guess.

In other news, though the weather here in San Francisco is positively dreary, I am excited about several things, including:

-- Hawaii (bears repeating)
-- 60 days until pitchers and catchers
-- the freaking iPad. My excitement for this one grows by leaps and bounds each day
-- my daughters talent show this Saturday night (promise to post pictures)
-- my son's little league games and my daughter's swim meetings
-- being able to run once my ankle finally heals
-- In the interim, swimming like Michael Phelps
-- The Summer
-- Another Yankees world series

Life is good.


df said...

One faux pas? If you mean per day, you're close. Pitchers and catchers in 60 days? Might be a problem as it will coincide with OPENING DAY! Pitchers and catchers arrive in less than 2 weeks. I hope you have some good folks to edit your press releases, etc.

Anonymous said...

this guy (df) is tougher on you than i am. with friends like this you don't need

Chris said...

"SF is positively dreary", he says to the guy in 30 degree DC expecting 16-28 inches of snow. 58 and grey sounds pretty good about now. And no, I'm not describing myself...

Nana said...

For once we have sunshine and no snow. We are spared this time. Next mid-week is another story. The Ski slopes here are making snow. At least it is cold enough to do so. Enjoy the weather in SF.