Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hawaii Dreaming

In the event anyone has missed me, sorry I haven't posted much these past few days. Not complaining, but I've literally been working 14 plus hour days and I've already been to LA three times this month. I have to say, I am generally pretty busy at work, but since January 1 the pace has been absolutely ferocious. I realize that the Christmas break wasn't that long ago, but I am *really* ready for a vacation. And a vacation I shall get, soon: t-minus two weeks and counting until we head back out to the North Shore of Hawaii. That is the one place in the continental US where I can really unwind; presuming of course, I am not taking work calls or emails every five minutes. Anyway, surf, sand, and tuna poke sounds pretty darn good right about now.

Anyway, I just realized that none of that is terribly interesting.

But here's the thing: I don't have much interesting to say at the moment, sadly.

But I will posit a questions(s):

- any good book recommendations?
- any good music recommendations?

Inquiring minds want to know.


df said...

One problem with that post. Hawaii is the reason people say "Continental United States," because it is the only one that isn't on the continent! Doesn't make me any less jealous that you're going and obviously makes me that much more petty.

Howard Solomon said...

Fair point Finkel; that's what you get when you write a post in five minutes on just a few hours sleep!

Anonymous said...

when hawaii becomes continental u.s we are all up the creek. gs

neil s. said...

Maybe you should go to Alaska on your next continental US vacation? if you want to take 1 very good very long book on vacay read Ken follett's The Pillars of Earth. Great read. Then you can follow it up with the sequel -- also 1000 pages -- world without end. i also liked typhood by charles cumming.