Thursday, February 25, 2010

Best Music for Running

Ok, well that last post didn't go over so well Funny, in year's past American Idol was a hot subject on these here pages. My, how the times have changed.

Anyway, on to a different subject. There's quite a number of runners out there, and I know most of you likely listen to music while on the move. What are some of your favorite bands for running? Personally, I listen to "mellow" music while in the car, on my new Sonos System (which I love by the way), maybe at the office (though I'm not terribly good about working and listening to music for some reason) but not while running. I tend to orient towards faster beats and harder music in the spirit of Jane's Addiction, a lot of hip hop, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. Anyway, anyone have any favorite bands/albums that you'd like to share?

In other news, I finally went in and went to the doctor today. Sinus infection, which I essentially knew as my head just about blew up on the flight back from Hawaii and to and from LA yesterday. If I had half a brain I would have dealt with this when it first hit me, more than two weeks ago.

Oh well. Nothing a little antibiotics can't take care of.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

For long runs, I like variety. I have a few running mixes (playlists), I use the Genius function of iTunes or listen Pandora radio. Two groups that I've found make for a good Pandora radio station are Black Eyed Peas and Stereo MC's.


p.s. We are burried in snow here in NY

quirken said...

New yeasayer is awesome.
New besnard lakes is abso perfect to run to.
I could prolly burn you a few of my playlists, which I like to put together for runs, because I too like specific music for runs.
metric "fantasies" is really nice.

Oh, and also, tell your friend that I would TOTALLY buy those shoes, too.

gailaj said...

Sorry, I don't watch AI...but I did get hooked on the "Sing-Off" show a few months ago, which led to some of my I-tune pics for running, Nota singing "Down", and Beelzebubs (a college group) doing "Magical Mystery Tour"...

My other choices are also odd and/or show my age, but for running uptempo is key....Jackson 5 (I Want You Back is the best), Michael Jackson (Black or White, Beat It), old 80s hits like "Come On Eileen" and "Take on Me"....for some reason, the rythm must just be right, my favorite running tune is Bowie's "Modern Love", I think it gets faster at the end.....

PS And I'm a little sheepishly admitting to this one -- even though I never liked them before, for variety I recently added three ABBA hits...."Take a Chance On Me" is the best for running....weird!