Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dropping In

If you are a 10 year old boy living in Northern California it's almost your duty and obligation to skate. I have to say that the Little Boy is digging it and is getting pretty good in the process. He's still a little bit afraid to drop in off the half pipe. Frankly, I would be too. No way to do this regularly without a wicked wipe out or two - or three.

Posted via email from Howard Solomon


Nana said...

I am so proud of the boy...I think your family is the all american family. All of you can do whatever you put your minds to.

Amy said...

Where the *!#! are the boy's elbow and knee pads? Then again, he's probably so much more coordinated than my skateboarding So. Cal. 9 1/2 year-old.