Friday, January 1, 2010

Favorite Events of the Year

While I am on the topic of lists (see post below) following is a list of my own favorite "events" (defined loosely) in 2009.

7. The Little Boy's Baseball Games

The Little Guy loves to play baseball and I love to watch him. Every time he comes to bat I gt nervous on his behalf. Sometimes he strikes out, sometimes he gets a hit but one thing never changes: his love for the game.

6. The Little Girl's Swim Meets

I learned that swim meets are a pain in the ass. You stand around for upwards of five hours to watch your Kid swim for the better part of two minutes (literally). But it doesn't matter; I enjoyed them so much and can't wait for this season. It's a bonus that the Little Girl can *really* swim. What I really love is how much she just loves the water. Her eyes literally light up when she sees the pool.

5. California Road Trip.

As a family, we travel a ton. This year we were fortunate enough to go to Hawaii and Mexico and both of those were epic, awesome vacations. I loved each minute of both. But there is something about our annual SF to LA trip -- maybe because it is becoming a family tradition -- that I really treasure. Of course, getting hit by a car made this one truly unique and memorable.

4. Running Boston Marathon.

-- While I was disappointed in my race/time, Boston was meaningful me in a personal way as I was running on behalf of Team Livestrong. That, coupled with the fundraising component and all the support I received from you all was far more important than time. I greatly enjoyed the overall experience, the course and the tradition and having my parents there on top of everything else was a terrific bonus.

3. Swimming Alcatraz with my Boy Dave

Alcatraz was the first race I have done in a long while that scared me sh*&tless. I have to confess that for some reason, I had a few sleepless nights in anticipation of this one. The swim itself was 52 minutes and unlike other swimming races I have done in the past, you had to be on high alert the entire time for fear of getting swept away by the tides. The added bonus to this one, which made it truly epic, was doing it with my boy Dave M. Dave has bad feet and is a bit limited as to what he can do, but he's a tremendously strong athlete and whenever we are able to do an event together, it rules. Thanks for making that trip, Dave, and holding my feet to the fire on that one.

2. Quad Dipsea

The Quad is an legendary race out here in Marin County and every time I've seen a finishers shirt, I have looked at it longingly. Finishing the Quad is a badge of honor and the race lived up to its hype. I suffered greatly but I finished and for me, that's what it is all about. My time is no longer meaningful; not to sound too existential, but now it's about the journey. And for this one, I got to once again run with my boy Payro. He and I have now done multiple ultras together and each one has been a vastly unique -- and highly memorable -- experience.

1. Going to the World Series with my Boy

Each of the previous races were epic in their own right, but man, going to the World Series with my Little Boy -- that is a memory I will carry with me forever. To share in something we both care so passionately about -- and throw in a incredible road trip to boot -- words can't describe. I get goose bumps every time I think how he hugged me when we first came in view of Yankee Stadium, 10 hours after starting our journey in California. That trip was worth every cent and more.

So, what's the common denominator in all of the above? They were shared experienced that included my family, my parents, two of my closest friends and my Son. None had anything to do singularly with me.

Shared experiences. I am starting to realize that that is what life is really all about.

(Ps. A huge shout out to Coach Phil for getting me through the above events -- and several others as well. I am not sure I could do it all without his wisdom, insight and perspective)


quirken said...

enjoyed this read. good list.

gailaj said...

Happy new year to you and your family, Howard.