Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Musings

Ok, my longer form thoughts on the iPad is available at Check if out if you are interested. Otherwise, enough on that; think this topic might not exactly be resonating here.

Reading a great climbing book - K2L Life and Death on the World's Most Dangerous Mountain. Two genres of books I can't get enough of: mountain climbing (which is ironic, since I don't climb) and military leadership. At my bother Neil's recommendation, I recently read another great book: The Last Resort: A Memoir of Zimbabwe. It was a terrific read, especially if you like travelogues.


Listening to some great music too, including Brian Jonestown Massacre, Four Tet, Beach House, Delphic, The Hot Rats, Owen Pallett, Sons and Daughters and Washed Out. All are quite good.


My ankle is simply not getting any better. It is frankly getting a bit disconcerting. Thankfully, I have been swimming like mad. Swimming is good for my mental condition, which has been put to the test of late. This is the craziest January I have ever experienced; if my entire year moves at this pace it is going to be a long year. Enough of that.


So far so good on American Idol. That show, particularly the early episodes, never ceases to entertain.

So far, not so good on 24. I think it might have finally jumped the shark.

Watching Fringe as I type and really not sure why. This show goes nowhere.

Ditto, Big Love.

And lastly: where are thou, Jersey Shore?!


gailaj said...

Sorry again about your injury....been there, done that, I know how frustrated you must be. Try to give it time....

Sorry I can't add to the tech discussion....since I have no knowledge in that area beyond, "gee, the I-Pad looks sort of like a giant I-Phone doesn't it?" ;)

Anonymous said...

best thing you can do about your bad ankle is get a good