Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All Hail the Apple iPad

So, you are all probably waiting with bated breathe for my verdict on the new iPad, right? Right??!

Well, a couple of brief thoughts, because I just got home from work and am pretty exhausted. I intend to write much more and in depth about this on Tech Dork. Bottom line: I am getting one. In all likelihood, the 32 gig, 3g version. Even though I am not convinced that 3g is entirely necessary for this product. I'll save that diatribe for later though.

Am I excited? Absolutely. After all, I am a Tech Dork. I love innovative, cool new products and this certainly fits the bill. Am I iPhone level excited along the lines of how I felt in 2007? No, I am not. Because the iPhone was massively game changing and I knew the impact it would have on my personal and professional life. This is more of a very cool toy that I am lucky I can afford. And if I couldn't afford it, it would be ok, because it doesn't really bring new functionality to the table that I already don't have between my MacBook Air, iPhone and Kindle. 

So, I'm excited. Very excited, actually. I wish it was here sooner than April, but I can live with that (like I have a choice). I also think it's one of these products that you really need to experience and that it's much cooler once it's in your hand. 

So, I'm in. How about you all? Any topline thoughts?

Dad -- you getting one?

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Anonymous said...

i have an apple every day. that's enough for me. that's all the apple i

df said...


Melissa (Boehning) Libert said...

hahahaha. I'm with your dad.