Sunday, January 10, 2010


As you all know, I write a lot about my two favorite teams: Michigan and the Yankees (they aren't necessarily my favorite in that particular order -- especially these days). My other two favorites, the Jets and the Knicks -- receive a lot less fanfare.

I will confess to being a less than avid NFL fan these past few years, from a viewing perspective. The problem is that I can only dedicate so much time to football, so something has to give. And that something, sadly, is NFL, though I do track statistics, how teams are faring. etc. And certainly, I do catch the occasional game. And I do watch the playoffs.

The other reason that my interest in the NFL has waned is that my team, the Jets, have historically sucked. They have to be counted among the most hapless and perhaps even cursed franchises of all time.

But that being said, we are playing some mighty fine football and look like a team that is peaking at exactly the right moment. We play nasty defense. Our offensive line is the best in the game. Our coach is fiery (which is what I think this team has needed) and has the biggest belly I have ever seen. And we have a budding star at QB who after a rocky rookie season might be coming into his own. All of a sudden, things are getting pretty interesting.

We might lose next week against San Diego, but I think we have a very good shot. The Chargers should not take us lightly. Either way, unlike my Wolverines, they have ended the season on a very high note and the season has been a success. For once, the future indeed looks promising.

I'll end this post with this; one of the greatest chants in all of sports:


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