Monday, January 25, 2010

Apple Tablet

This post is probably best served on TechDork but thought I would post it here all the same. So, Apple Tablet-mania is officially at fever pitch. I have to confess: I've dreamed about it two night in a row. I used to dream about girl;s now I dream about technology products. So be it.

Anyway, there's no question where I will be on Wednesday am from 10-11 am PST - in my office in LA (where I'll be for work the next two days) glued to the damn computer. I think this just might the most anticipated product offering of all time, and I include the iPhone launch.

Anyway, just by show of hands:

1. who of you out there is actually interested in this news?
2. If you are, what are your predictions regarding product features?
3. Anyone plan to buy one?

Inquiring minds want to know.


neil s. said...

Interested for sure. Expect the features to be fully dope. Will buy version 2 when Apple lowers its pricing and crushes all the first generation adopters, as they always do.

Anonymous said...

will also buy;when my hair turns back to its original brown and the wife turns 21 .gs

quirken said...

how: this did not even come close to the ipho announcement for my dollar. I can see using this for work or maybe for home, but seriously, I am glued to my ipho from the moment I wake up to the minute i fall asleep. the iPho did what no other phone could EVER do, and still can't do, nearly three years later.

don't get me wrong, I am buying one. mauybe two, but seriously, this is no iPho.


Ben said...

1. extraordinarily interested
2. transcendent and groundbreaking
3. no
4. Apple's last success was the App Store. A fancy screen means little. Nothing fixes nothing