Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Meh, for the "uninformed" is the word du jour on the Internet. It signifies just what you'd think: blase, middling, non excited/inspired. It also perfectly describes my mood these days. For starters, we've been having an absolutely epic rain this week. I think we have received 20 inches over the past four days. It's been non stop. It's kept me (and the kids) up two night in a row and I'm simply exhausted. To top it off, I'm working on a big project at work that ha been consuming every waking hour.

So, that's that. On the good news front, no breaks or ligament damage on the ankle. It's just a severe sprain. I started physical therapy today and I am hopeful that fingers crossed I can start running again in about ten days.

Lastly, its high season for TV. Shows I am most excited about are the return of Big Love, 24 and of course, American Idol. ANd if y'all haven't yet caught Modern Family, I suggest you do, pronto. Best new show on TV.

Over and out for now.


Mark said...

Modern Family is outstanding. Don't know if I'm happier that Lost is coming back or that its end is near so I can soon stop thinking about it.

gailaj said...

Glad the news about your foot wasn't worse....hope you make a quick recovery.

I am also loving Modern Family...watched the pilot again yesterday when they re-ran it. Funny on so many levels.

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