Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cool Technologies

I am thinking that this is a post best served by my other site, but following is my list of technologies that I am most excited about in 2010:

1. The Apple Tablet

Between my iPhone and MacBook Air, I'm not certain what need the Tablet fulfills, but really, it doesn't matter. I might as well put an order in for that puppy now. Ain't no way I won't be standing on line for this one.

2. Android

I love my iPhone (the iPhone itself -- not AT&T's crappy service) but I am genuinely excited about giving Android a shot. This Google Nexus One looks like it might be the one too; let's hope that Google surprises us on Tuesday and makes it available on AT&T, along with T-Mobile. Speaking of AT&T, I am at wits end with their horrible service. If Android keep evolving at its recent pace, there's more than a decent chance I am going to change to Verizon. 

3. Sonos S5

I'm not sure what's held me back from purchasing this already. I need a new music system in my house (one of my children appears to have destroyed one of my existing speakers) and this seems to fit the bill nicely: goods sound, it's portable and it leverages my itunes library. For $499 all in, it's also a heck of a lot less expensive than most of the speakers I have been looking at, too.

4. More Cool Apps

I'm more into cool apps these days than their respective platforms. I love discovering new, cool, well thought through apps (think Facebook Instapaper, Tweetie and Kindle as examples) and expect to see some exciting developments on this front in 2010.  


I think there is real potential here that goes beyond Foursquare; this is a nascent market that is going to unquestionably see a lot of interesting activity.

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