Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Things That Rules and Things That Ain't Too Cool

For the first time since starting this blog, I'm struggling a bit for a topic. That said, I just got back from a fantastic 4.5 mile trail run. California gets this amazing golden sunlight late in the day (I'm wondering if this is where the Golden State comes from) and as it makes its appearance while I am climbing up the Miwok Trail, I'm thinking to myself: this rules. Not more than a minute later I jump over what appears to a piece of wood in the middle of the trail and the damn thing moves right at me. A snake. And a fairly large one at that. I think: that ain't at all too cool.

So, in the spirit of that moment, following is a list of random things that rules and others that aren't too cool.

Rules: Coming home from work every evening and knowing exactly what I am going to do the second I park my car in the driveway: have a catch with my son. Some of our catches last two minutes and others a half hour but we always have a catch. And it really is true: nothing rules more than having a catch with my son. And there is nothing greater than watching him learn - and learn to love -- the great game of baseball.

Not So Cool: the occasional throws that bonk him in the head.

Rules: On the subject of baseball, my Yankees.

Not So Cool: My Yankees.

Rules: Finally getting fit again.

Not So Cool: Knowing that in a few short months I am going to lose all this fitness again due to another godforsaken cancer treatment.

Rules: My wife. She does not get nearly enough credit or space on these pages (and she would probably add that she doesn't get enough credit from me in life, either) but she's the best. I appreciate her more every day and could not have married a better woman.

Not So Cool: The infrequent times that I get on her bad side. They are infrequent, aren't they, Love?

Rules: Going for a run with your main boy in Michigan for the first time in about six years; the same guy who got you into all this working out nonsense. An hour after the run, going for an equally killer swim with your other main boy.

Not So Cool: Blowing all the accrued fitness from the above by drinking copious amount of various alcohol-based products, none of which mix particularly well with one another.

Rules: My sister in law Penny, who I love dearly and is a great kid.

Not So Cool. Her last few weeks. May the pain both physical and in your heart one day pass, Penny.

Rules: My new special edition Lance Armstong glasses. Yep, I got 'em - actually the wife got them for me for Father's Day -- and I am pleased to report that they are not at all too Fred-ish. That said, these puppies are more designed for function than fashion. They ain't everyday wearing glasses if you know what I am saying. What's amazing though, is the specially designed lenses, which somehow are able to shed water/sweat and don't smudge. As you runners and bikers know, this is a big development. If you want to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation and need workout sunglasses, I recommend them highly. If you want a slightly cheaper edition, go get any version of the Oakley Radars.

Not So Cool: The $185 cost to the consumer and the fact that they probably cost Oakley no more than $15 to manufacture.

Rules: This blog. Since I've started this blog, I've had good karma both in business and in life. I'm enjoying writing each day and learning more about the blogging process. Most importantly, though, I am loving the sense of community that is developing among friends and family from all facets of my life as well as strangers that I am meeting along the way.

Not So Cool. Absolutely nothing as relates to the above. Let's hope it stays this way for a while.


Crazymamaof6 said...

rock on! I like your list! click on my name by my comment and you can check out the nasty thyca poster on my blog.

Howard Solomon said...

doesn't seem to work, CrazyMama. Can you send alink?

Crazymamaof6 said...
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neils said...

Penny and Michael rule. Julie, Josie and I second that. Best wishes to you and Michael, Penny.