Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To iPhone or Not to iPhone ... That is the Question

Howard Solomon of CancerMan fame back, after abdicating to my father for a fortnight.

For the record, I've discovered I should on occasion mention my name (Howard Solomon) and "affiliation" (Cancerman in this case) as it greatly optimizes my ranking on Google. Google ranking, I should add, is utterly irrelevant vis a vis the intent of this blog, but admittedly somewhat cool at the same time. Plus, once I get to a couple of hundred unique users per day (in my estimation, and at my current pace, I expect this to happen by 2011, latest) I fully intend to speak of myself in the third-person anyway, ala any of today's NBA stars.

Dad -- for the record, I don't expect you to follow any of the above in this lifetime. Speaking of my father, I think he was pretty psyched about all the comments. I spoke with him earlier and he asked me "How many blogs have I gotten?" Ummm.... not exactly down with the vernacular. But hey, he's 71 so I will cut him some slack. I'm just glad he figured out how to use a keyboard. But, he's funny as hell all the same and I have sent him off to think about his next post. I've promoted him by the way, and he's now challenged to pen a weekly post. Email me or post a comment if you have any suggestions or topics for his next column.

Most of you who know me know that I am the mother of early adopters so far as technology products are concerned. I am proud to state I haven't missed a good solid consumer product introduction in almost a decade. A few examples:

-- I purchased an IMac and first generation Ipod within one week of introduction to the marketplace.

-- I was Ruder-Finn's original Blackberry beta user. With the exception of the 8800 and the Curve, I have owned every single Blackberry ever introduced. I purchased most on the first day of their introduction. Michael Beno can confirm.

-- I waited on line for four hours in a driving Chicago snowstorm for the first Ipod shuffle. I am proud to say I was owner number number two in all of Chicagoland. I should also note that I've owned five or six ipods in total, and currently have a 15 gig, 30 gig video, Nano and old shuffle. Just last night April and I took the wraps off the new shuffle.

-- I purchased the new MacBook within a week of introduction. Actually, in the interest of full disclosure, my family purchased it for me as an early 40th birthday present. Thanks again, family.

-- I purchased a PSP2 the day it was introduced. Actually, my main man Beno got it for me. I returned it after a week, upon recognition that I haven't played video games for about 20 years and had no intention of starting any time soon. But It was cool and much desired so I had to go with the proverbial flow.

I could go on and on but you probably get my point. And by the way, I don't state the above in a boastful manner. The truth of the matter is I think I have a borderline problem. I am sure we'll examine this in greater detail at a later date.

Which brings us to the iPhone. Up until today, I've been proud of myself: I did not allow myself to get caught up in the hype. For once in my life, reason seemed to prevail. I was committed to waiting the first generation out and seeing what kind of reviews it would garner.

As a power emailer, I was also concerned about the keypad and just didn't think it would cut it from a corporate perspective. A fun toy for the masses, perhaps, but it didn't offer a compelling value proposition for someone who already had a screaming fast 3G phone, multiple ipods, and other such toys.

And then today came along, and reason completely unravelled. I don't know what it was that set me off: for some crazy reason I think it might have been today's announcement that you can activate the damn thing through itunes. Or maybe it's the nonstop news coverage. Or the fact that people are starting to camp out in front of Apple stores in anticipation. Or maybe it was the kicker: positive reviews by Walt Mossberg and David Pogue.

Whatever it is, something has snapped and I am freaking out. I feel like I need one -- right now. In fact, I'm thinking of getting on line (that is, on line in front of an Apple store) right now with the huddled masses.

Of course, this is completely illogical. I would need to keep my existing phone and number for work until I had full trust in its email capabiities. I'd need to carry two devices, versus one. And I'd need to get a new phone number, which seems completely superfluous. In fact, my only rationalization would be the fact that I travel regularly, and my current 3G phone dies after about three hours of use (I know, getting a second battery would make sense. But it's a heck of a lot less fun than GETTING A BRAND NEW IPHONE!).

Anyway, a long winded way of stating that I am torn. I could argue the pluses and minuses all day. In fact, that's exactly what I have been doing.

So, upon rumination, I have decided to throw it out there for you all to decide. Let's allow the wisdom of the crowds to prevail.

With that all said, what say ye all (for the record: Burch, Beno and Dave, no need to respond. I know -- and have already tallied -- your respective responses)?

Should I buy on Friday, or sit it out for the time being? You be "the decider" as GWB would say.


Crazymamaof6 said...

camp out, get in line now and Buy it, buy it! BUY IT! but really, what does your wife have to say about it? ask what your wife thinks and go with her vote!

Anonymous said...

buy is your middle name so what,d the hold up.GS

Anonymous said...

is it "make fun of fathers day"already.how about a mention that i bought you the first mac out. that would have livened up your blog.NOT. GS

Howard Solomon said...

make fun of you - you kidding? I'm thinking of handing you the proverbial keys to to this thing.

Hey Mama -- by the way - you rule. I hope we one day get a chance to meet.

df said...

Just think of it as a toy more than a tool and buy one. You obviously want it badly. I won't run for your charity thing, just so you can afford it (always looking out for you man). Then you can blog about it and we all can benefit from your experiences, which will probably include some major problems since it's so crammed with new goodies.

Jeff said...

I am just wondering if you carrying two phones would actually increase the odds of you actually taking or returning any of my calls. Probably not.

That said.... even though I was negative on the idea in our email exchange, a few words from a fellow early adopter (though a graduate of several 12 step programs) and master expense justifyer....

Howard, how can you possibly run a high tech PR practice on the West coast and not own one?!?!!?? What would that say to your clients? What's the decision here?

Go get it.

Then go get a new Cervelo.

ToddB said...

two words...

AT&T stinks.

michael said...

this is me not responding to this post saying you should buy one.

Tracy said...

camp out, get in line now and Buy it, buy it! BUY IT! but really, what does your wife have to say about it? ask what your wife thinks and go with her vote!