Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Day Extension

I just realized that for some of us, this is a three day weekend (Columbus Day). So in celebration of Senor Columbus, I am heretofore extending the third annual Howard Solomon Run for Thyroid Cancer by one day. So all of you who forgot about it -- you know who are -- you have one day to get out there, do some sort of physical activity and get me a picture. 

So -- what are you waiting for? Get on it, now

(Ps. Yankees sweep. Red Sox get swept. And all is finally right in the Universe)

Posted via email from Howard Solomon


Jeff said...

OK, I dont have pictures (sorry!!!), but we didn't forget. It was a "rest" week for me so I only ran 19 miles this weekend total (2 weeks and counting!). Carol did several hours of a fitness program and ran on the elliptical. Kelly played an intense 3v3 pickup soccer game Saturday and then played exceptionally well today in her normal soccer team's game but lost 3-2 in a heart-breaker, with the final goal being scored literally in the last second of the game (rolling over the line in slow motion). Very proud that the first thing she did as they were walking off the field was run up to our goalie to pat her shoulder and give her a hug.

Anonymous said...


We opted to substitute a run for thyroid cancer to "basketball for cancer". This was Sophie's idea and I thought it served the same purpose.

Girls versus Daddy, quite the competition.


Michael said...

Let this comment represent my official apology for not participating this year. Unfortunately this race fell during a very hectic time at work for me, as you know Howard, and I've barely had time to sleep, let alone work out. Maybe I'll run to my hotel from the Tokyo airport when I get there...