Thursday, November 19, 2009

Napa Valley

My in-laws have been in town all week and unfortunately, we haven't had a chance to do many fun activities. In certain respects, we have put them to work (my father in law talked about radiology and x rays with the Boy's fifth grade hit. Rumor has it the xrays he showed them were a big hit).

I digress. So, I am taking a much needed day off tomorrow and we are headed to Napa. I'm not much of a wino myself (more of a scotch and beer guy) but you kind of learn wine out here by assimilation. So, while my overall knowledge is a bit limited, I do know what I like (mostly cab's and Pinot's). On the agenda tomorrow Etude, Joseph Phelps (my favorite), Peju, Silver Oak and a few others. I am open to suggestions if I'm missing anything.

In other news, I cannot wait for this damn Quad Dipsea to be finished. I am sore literally form top to bottom. I am ruminating on 2010 goals and am contemplating doing 12 marathons over 12 months each one progressively faster than the preceding. For good measure, I'm thinking about doing it as a big fundraising effort for Livestrong.

Anyway, more on that for another post.


gailaj said...

Have you ever done Long Island? Early May...not much in the way of scenery or spectators, but mostly flat course....and great shirts and finishers bonus items (vest, heavy sweatshirt)...

quirken said...

napa: make sure you make an appt at etude, they have really weird tasting room policies and hours.

if you are going to napa, you MUST go to a sparking wine (champagne) room, and I would suggest Domaine Chandon.

try williams selyem, which is in sonoma, or del dotto which is a sick, sick cab and pinot vineyard in napa. You will be surprised by the del dotto, and its under the radar, so that is cool too.

finally, sterling makes a great high-production wine with their cad, and their reserve stuff is truly out of this world.

ok then