Monday, December 28, 2009

Day Four: Beverly Hills, Santa Monica

ANother action packed day. Woke up super early and went for a five mile run before the family even woke up. Wife went for a run too and afterwards we went to meet my Boss and his two terrific kids (his son is a budding magician and he has the Boy totally hooked on card tricks) at my Wife's Holiest of Sites: Nate and Al's Deli. Sorry New Yorkers; Nate and Al's out deli's anything that even New York has to offer. It's that good. I had scrambled eggs with salami and stuffed cabbage. Sounds weird, I know, but it really works. After breakfast we cruised around Beverly Hills and checked out some of the sites. We then headed back to Santa Monica and met some of our Mill Valley friends at the same sketchy ass Santa Monica pier that we went to last night. No matter though: the kids had a blast and I guess that i what it's all about. After that we met a colleague from work and his family for dinner and then cruised around the Promenade for a while. We got home at 10:00 pm n the nose, making this another fun filled, 12 hour plus day.

Tomorrow we will hang out in the morning and cruise to Venice Beach on scooters (kids) while the Wife and I run. After that, we will hit the road and drive to Cambria on the Central Coast where the plan is to go on the night tour at the Hearst Castle. That's right; it wouldn't be a Solomon vacation without a trip to the old Hearst Castle. I think this will be visit number four if I am not mistaken. Probably our last one too; after this, I suspect we will be all castled-ut.


payro said...

I blew it this time, but next time you're in Santa Monica, I recommend a visit to Father's Office on Montana Ave. Used to be my local when I lived in SM. They have west coast microbrews on tap. Excellent joint.

Anonymous said...

salami and eggs i can see but what"s with the stuffed cabbage? you say it really works. as what,a colon cleaner?gs