Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Big Block of Training

I'm in one of the bigger and more interesting blocks of training that I have done in a while, courtesy of Coach Phil. Starting Friday of last week, for four consecutive days, I did 2 hours of running. Two days were on the road; two on the trail. Total for the four days was 51 miles. I get three days of rest (not rest per se, but active recovery including swimming and weightlifting) and then this Friday I do the same thing over again. The week following that I have a 33km run - and then I start my taper. The challenge is that I have two very big (read: hard) races on back-to-back weekends: the Quad Dipsea (considered by many to be one of the more challenging ultra's in the country) followed the next week by the North Face 50k, which I think might even be harder. Will be very interesting to see how/if my body recovers following the Quad.

And then to top things off, Todd and I just signed up for the American River 50 miler. Fortunately, that one is in May so we have some time to prepare. Should be an interesting next few months though, running wise.

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