Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yet ANOTHER Interesting Thyroid Cancer article

This article comes courtesy of today's New York Times. This touches on a subject that that I have been contemplating for, oh, about four years now; is thyroid cancer caused by the environment, or by faulty genetics?

As is noted in the article, I'll likely never know the answer, though my own personal conclusion is that mine was caused by excessive exposure to radiation. I had a ton of dental work when I was a kid - a ton being an understatement - and at that point in time they didn't protect the neck area with a lead collar during X-rays.

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gailaj said...

I finally caught up and read it this morning...seems like I had a lot of dental x-rays too, had not thought of it before. I always blame my various malignancies on genetics (or living 15 years in Staten Island breathing the landfill fumes....)