Thursday, October 28, 2010

Los Gigantes!

You are probably getting tired of all these baseball posts. I suspect they are getting to be a bit too much, so will try to limit them moving forward. But, this one is not so much about baseball as it is about the City of San Francisco. This might sound strange but you tend to learn a lot about a locale when their hometown team is performing on a national stage and I have to say that San Francisco is really rising to the occasion. The entire town - and I mean entire - is rallying around the Giants and it's created a very real sense of community. This is a hardcore baseball town and they get full props. These past few weeks have been a cool thing to experience and the overall experience reminds me when we lived in Chicago and the Cubs last made the playoffs.

Anyway, it's a very cool thing. I'm enjoying it greatly - more so than I would if the Yankees were in the Series (that would be torture) and I'm really happy for this town. Here is to hoping they win the whole thing. And I think it just might happen.

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