Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two Day Swim Meet

I'm super proud of the Little Girl. She swam eight - eight - events over two days, including a 200 IM., which is pretty hardcore for an eight year old. Three events were new for her (200 IM, 100 back and 100 free) and she did great in each. She also scored personal bests in each of the others. And some of those times were pretty impressive. What I love about this kid though is that she's hardcore when the gun goes off and she gives it her all, but she's zen about everything else. She doesn't really care or get too hung up on where she finishes place wise and she's an excellent teammate who's always rooting for her buddies. Like her brother, she's a terrific kid. And watching her swim really gives me great joy.

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Anonymous said...

Could have sworn I left a message on here yesterday! Great race, Sum! Impressive form, and I have to tell you, you'd be able to teach me a thing or two about the butterfly. Nice, nice work!