Monday, October 18, 2010

Yankees and Michigan

Between these two teams, I have contemplated quitting sports more than once. They can both be so good (from a historical perspective, certainly) and yet so maddeningly frustrating (see: Saturday's Michigan-Iowa game and tonight's Yankees playoff). I don't know why I get so caught up emotionally in both these teams - I will write it off to genetics (hi dad!), but sometimes I think my life would be better off if didn't care so damn much.

Anyway, tomorrow is showtime for the Yankees, but I am starting to think the Ranger's might be the better squad. We will know soon enough.

In other news, thought my training was going to hit a roadblock, but I saw my doctor this afternoon and my throat thing is not strep. So, just a minor setback and in a few days I can get back to business.

That's all for now.

Go Yankees.

Go Blue.

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