Friday, October 8, 2010

Sometimes Kids to the Most Amazing Things

Yesterday was the Little Boy's second cross country meet. I couldn't make it during work, but apparently he didn't listen to my advice. He went out too fast; apparently we was leading for the first half, but faded a bit towards the finish, finishing 11th (out of 50+). Not such a bad effort at all, and once he figures out race strategy he's going to be real good. But it's not what he did during the race that impressed me. It was what he did after, something The Wife was witness to.

Apparently, each kid received a ribbon after finishing. But because the 6th graders ran last, they ran short and the Little Boy was among the last to get a ribbon. Apparently a kid who finished towards the end of the pack was really bummed out that he didn't get one. The Little Boy overheard him and without hesitating, walked up to him and gave him his. As a parent, you can't imagine how much joy that gave me; far more than the race itself. And I shared that with him as well.

Offering up your ribbon to another kid. THAT is what sportsmanship is all about.

Way to go Little Boy. You might have your moments, but boy is your dad proud of you.

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Neil s. said...

Nice job Z dog - for the race and post-race efforts