Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interesting Article on Thyroid Cancer

This is an interesting article on thyroid cancer and the effects radiation are having on the public-at-large. Thanks to my brother Neil for sending it to me.

This is a subject that pisses me off. People don't realize how dangerous we are for about a week after radioactive iodine treatment. We belong in the hospital. It's easiest for us; it's safest for the public. But as noted, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has eased requirements and as a result, very few states have the facilities to hold patients for the requisite amount of time.

The other issues is that doctor's are to blame here, not patients. In my experience, my original endo was very cavalier about the effects of radiation on others (and on my family for that matter). I took matters into my own hands and decided not to stay at a hotel, for fear of putting others at risk. Instead, I moved my family out of the house for a week.

Anyway, I think the issue here is very real and I am glad it is being surfaced. I sincerely hope the NRC takes notice. The public should NOT be at risk.

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