Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Week of Travel

Gearing up for a pretty gnarly week of trade. I was in San Diego all day today; am headed to NYC for 2.5 days tomorrow and then head to Los Angeles early Saturday. At least the LA part is fun though the fact is that three flight sin a week is tiring.

The past weekend was devoted entirely to .. wait for it - a swim meet! Two days in Santa Rosa, CA. Was actually a lot of fun. The Little Girl was only fair (the heater in the pool was broken and she claimed to be too cold in the water to swim fast. The logic of a nine year old) but the Little Boy was terrific. He swam four event and did four best times. And that's what youth swimming is all about; having fun and getting best times.

Here he is swimming 50 breast. As you can see, he's starting to get there.  I think the breast stroke comes naturally to him.

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