Friday, February 3, 2012

Holistic remedies

As I get older, I'm finding that I am becoming increasingly more open to holistic, herbal and eastern remedies. As I just wrote on Facebook, I think my transformation to Californian is near complete.

But seriously, I never would have considered massage, ART, herbal tea, acupuncture and other remedies as a panacea for what ails me. Now, I'll practically try anything and I believe many of these things actually work quite well

Case in point: while waiting for my family at our local pizza place earlier this week, I walked next door to our homeopathic pharmacy and had a long conversation with the hippie "pharmacist". This is the place that turned me on to "Kick Ass Immune" as a means of avoiding colds and I swear by this stuff like no other. It tastes like crap, is completely herbal and can kill a cold overnight.

Anyway, I talked to them about my hip and they suggested I try MSM (recommended for osteoarthritis).  I didn't know a thing about it but figured for eight dollars, what the hell. I'm only on my third day taking it and I swear - my hip feels much better. Could be a placebo affect, I'll state as much upfront, but I do know that I ran 3.5 miles last night and 4 this am with minimal pain - first time I've been able to say as much in months.

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Anonymous said...

holy holistic robin. this stuff works.