Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm late to the game with this post given that Linsanity is bordering on the insane, but I'm not quite tired of it yet. Not by a longshot. I think that in certain respects it's the best sports story we've seen in a long, long while.

It's everything we hope and dream that sports can be and it can't be happening to a seemingly nicer kid. The fact that it's happening in New York, of all cities, is taking this to an entirely new level. It's converted my son and I am sure countless other kids) into a basketball fan and it's offered hope that a skinny, brainiac kid can transform input an overnight, superstar sensation. I sincerely hope that this kid keeps it going all season - and for reasons I can't explain, I think that he will.

Linsanity, baby. In the age of LeBron James and the insufferable superstar, the timing simply couldn't be better. Makes me wonder if David Stern didn't sell his soul to the devil at some point in time.

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Anonymous said...

guess who has gone linsane? your dear old mother. she hasn't missed a game since it all started (linsanity>. tonight may show he is still only human. still, a great boost for n.y.