Friday, February 10, 2012

Me and Lance

Earlier today I sent out the following tweet:

@howardsol: anyone know if @lancearmstrong is racing Panama this weekend as an amateur or pro?

Imagine my surprise when I not five minutes later I got this:

@lancearmstrong: @howardsol pro

Can you believe it? A direct response from the man himself? It's like we are best friends now! I wonder what time he's going to come over for dinner next week?

In an effort to be cool, calm and dignified, I responded with the following:

@howardsol: @lancearmstrong get after it! I'm predicting a 4:08 #fromonesurvivortoanother #holyshitlancejustrespondedtome!

Good thing I'm not a fanboy or anything.

Still waiting on his response, btw.


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