Monday, February 27, 2012

iPad 3

A lot of folks have been asking me if I plan to get an iPad 3 (I suspect the announcement will occur no later than March 15th. I am also guessing that it will be available immediately post announcement).

I want to say that I won't; I think my iPad 2 is just fine. In fact, I could still be using my iPad 1 (which belongs to the Wife) and don't think I'd have any major complaints. I use iPad primarily for media consumption; mostly while watching TV or lying in bed. I use it primarily to check email, Facebook, Twitter and to read via the Kindle app. When travelling, I might use it to watch a movie for two. I don't think a retina display or an eight megapixel camera is going to be enough ( I have literally never once taken a picture with my iPad).

That being said, I think Apple gets consumers like me, and I expect some unecpected, Siri-like surprise that will raise the stakes significantly in the tablet space. What that surprise might be is anybody's guess, but I'd be disappointed if it's only a minor spec iteration.

Should be interesting to see. Life's been too quiet lately on the Apple front.

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