Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Must Read: Maybe the Greatest Post Ever

This is my 75 year old fathers acceptance speech for salesman of the month by his company.  It actually was his company  but he sold several years ago and remained as a salesman at the new owners request.

In his very own words, the Great Man writes:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

I don,t know why I am up here for this prestigious award but I think the AARP must have something to do with it.
Not too long ago I  promised myself that if I were nominated for the salesman of the month award I would not accept and if given to my  I would not serve. Yet  here I am standing before you with this award in hand ….so now you know how good my word is.

I honestly don’t know why I got this thing. Probably because it is only plastic and didn’t matter that much to waste one. I do know that many of you are better salesmen than i.   better preparation,, better product knowledge,better presentation and more energy. But I also know that few can top me for honesty and consistency with my customers . These 2 attributes  will cover a multitude of sins, such as slightly higher prices. 

Among the people I would like to thank are my boy scout leaders for not molesting me,my Hebrew school teacher who discouraged me from continuing my study since it was hopeless and the college admissions office who accepted me to the u. of Michigan right before his nervous breakdown

And a final Thank you to our management who I think is top notch –with the following exceptions….. Just kidding…maybe.


Anonymous said...

i like this post but don't think it is the best one you have put up. gs

Anonymous said...

What about Ida and your three wonderful sons?! No kind words for them? They may not have molested you, but haven't they raped your wallet a few times?


NANA said...


Crazymamaof6 said...

Your dad is my favorite. Rad post

Anonymous said...

thank you"crazymama". i don't think you are crazy at all.i admire your good

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