Monday, February 6, 2012

Go Giants

That was a spectacularly entertaining Super Bowl last night. I like the Giants enough to to root hard for them - especially against an opponent as reviled as the Patriots - but not enough to go completely mental, ala is the case when I'm watching Michigan football or a Yankees playoff/World Series game. So from that perspective it was fun and it was also a well played game.

But what I liked about it most is that it was one of those games where questions are answered, which is somewhat of a rarity in the world of sports.

The question existed: is Eli a Tier 1 quarterback? That question was definitively answered. In fact, I think he wrote his ticket to the Hall of Fame last night. Is Coughlin a great coach? That question too was answered, without doubt. And another one: are the Giants in the conversation for all time great football franchises? That one you could probably still argue out among Steelers and Green Bay fans - but the Giants are very much in the discussion.

My other favorite part of the game is two of the three best players on the field last night were Wolverines. Word up, Mario Manningham. You will make no finer catch in your career.

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