Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Apple Announcement

Yesterday's Apple announcements were about what I expected. I'm fairly exhausted tonight - I'm in LA on business, so a few brief thoughts:

- people are straight up nuts if they thought Apple was going to introduce a TV. They very well might do a TV, but if they do, it will gets its own press event. It won't be announced during WWDC.

- the new 15" MacBook Pro Next Generation or  whatever it is called, is BITCHING. But it's also a first generation machine and is expensive as hell. That's the direction they are clearly going with the MacBook Pro line - think you will see similar versions next year in 13 too. It is sharp as hell but I'd sit it out a generation or two - and that;s me saying that. Also, so far as personal preferences are concerned, I prefer the Air over the MBP.

- iOs 6 is cool - very cool - but it's not game changing like other iOs versions. But that's ok - I said this before - iOS is so refined that it's approaching near perfection. Improvements are going to be incremental and that's what version 6 is all about. The coolest aspect  shown so far is Maps, which looks just awesome.

-- Passbook, the new digital wallet. Now THIS is badass and might have been the star of the show. This is the future of mobile that we have been waiting for. Just wait until they add payments to the equation, which is inevitable.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Nick? Beno? Anything you boys want to add?

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