Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Last Post

So, there was a little back and forth between me and my Old Man yesterday regarding yesterday's post. The Old Man suggested that I take that post down, as the topic should have been between me and the Little Boy.

He raises a fair point and I gave it careful consideration. And I decided to keep it up.

Here's the lens through which I viewed it: I asked myself, is it something I'd want the Little Boy to read (note: he knows about this blog, but I don't think he ever reads it. And if he does, great) at some point down the road? He'd probably be the first to understand that I am not looking to embarrass him in any way, shape or form. I love him more than life itself. And he knows I have points of view on things - particularly on this subject.

Also, say I wasn't here anymore.  That was the original intent of this blog - to serve as a legacy of sorts. Maybe he's reading it five, ten, twenty years down the road. And if that were the case, the central point of that little parable is one I'd want to strongly reiterate: if you want to improve at something that you care deeply about - anything - sometimes you need to evaluate your weakness, step out of your comfort zone and commit. And if you do so, there's opportunities where that work will potentially pay a major dividend.

That's the point of that post; it's not at all about baseball. I could care less about the baseball elements of it but  I think it's one of the most important things a kid or adult needs to understand in order to thrive in this tough world.

Nick, I get your point too but understand, I am not trying to be a baseball dad. Far from it - those dudes (and we have a ton of them out here) bum me to no end. I really don't care; I think in many respects little league is a bit silly. I much prefer swimming as a sport. But what I neglected to mention and is important to this story is this: he came to ME after last season, asking what HE could do to get better at baseball (he was fixated on making the all-star team).

So, I gave him a suggestion. A good one, I think. He decided not to pay heed to that advice and that's absolutely fine and his perogative - the Kid is only 12. I get it. I was the same kind of Kid.. I'm not angry or upset in the slightest. I just think that it was one of those rare opportunities where my advice could have been validated and thought it was noteworthy and worth sharing.

Anyway, enough on that. In other news, the Little Girl got her braces off yesterday and looks really cute. What a wackadoo - maybe the only kid in the world who misses her braces. Said they were her "friend".


Michael said...

Geez...I thought that you meant that this would be your last post...ever...instead referring to your previous post.

Anonymous said...

I read it the same way.
Glad it was your previous post, not your last post!


df said...

Don't take the post down, you wrote it, you live with it. However, it shouldn't embarrass "Little Boy" as much as his "Skinny Dad."

He pops out, which every professional baseball player, 'roided out or not, does many times in a season and you take the "I told you so" tack?

Looking forward to your apology post!

Anonymous said...

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