Thursday, June 14, 2012

Perfect Game!

I got home from LA last night around 8. I was pretty exhausted and say down around 8 in front of the TV, bemoaning the fact that there was NOTHING on TV. The Little Boy, who was at his computer looking at baseball scores, which is what he does, said "Matt Cain is throwing a no hitter. Turn on the Giants game." I asked what inning it was in. "Fourth" he responded.

The Little Dude is obsessed with no hitters, as am I. He gets excited when someone is throwing a no hitter in the second inning. But I figured, what the hell, there's nothing on.

And the night proceeded to turn to one of electric excitement. By the 7th inning we were utterly transfixed and in the 9th we were straight up screaming at the TV. When it was over, we were whooping and hollering (yes, we are Yankees fans. Of course. But the Giants are our hometown - and adopted - team) like they had won the World Series.

Boy, was that something. A no hitter is one thing - they are becoming almost commonplace - but a perfect game is truly special. Wish I was at that one.

Congrats Matt Cain, on one of the best pitched games in history.

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