Sunday, June 3, 2012


Solid weekend out here in Marin County, CA. Headline of course was a swim meet. Little Girl had the breakthrough we've been waiting for this season. She busted out three best times, a win in the backstroke and a new pool record in back. I was super proud of her, but I'm more proud of what a great, caring teammate she is. More than anything else this whole swimming business is great for her self esteem.

The Little Dude lost his playoff baseball game. He played well in defeat with a few great plays and a sharp single in the last inning. Next loss will be their last game of the season; it was a good season for the Little Dude. Thought he played well throughout.

What else? Little girl went to a big swim meet in Santa Clara to see how the big boys do it. She got to meet Natalie Coughlin, which was a thrill for her. Bit of Crossfit, some running and swimming - the usual.

Also, Game of Thrones season finale - wow. All I have to say about that one is don't mess with dragons.

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Anonymous said...

37 second 50 is so much faster than I could swim 50, back or otherwise! God; impressive work, Sum!