Friday, June 1, 2012


I had lunch with a colleague today who asked me if I ever thought about retirement. Not an easy answer: if it makes any sense, I think about it every day - and yet, not at all. I couldn't imagine not working (after all, the Old Man is 70-something and still working) and yet what I do, while not brain surgery, is pretty darn stressful. Those of you who have seen me have likely noted my hair has turned pretty darn grey. It's for good reason.

The question then was asked what would I do next. I don't have an answer because it's something I haven't thought through - or at all, even - but I think the answer would have something to do with what's obviously my passion - fitness. I'd love to open a small, boutique-y workout facility of some sort, ala Crossfit and would love to coach a select group of endurance athletes. All the while, doing non-profit work for a cancer organization.

And oh - would like to be doing all of the above from the North Shore of Hawaii.

How does that sound as far as a gameplan?

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Anonymous said...

please, no more talk about retirement. it's bad medicine. my old man didn't until he was in his 80"S and he lived to 99. i,m still at it at 75. don't have discussions with that collegue anymore. i think he is after your job. gs