Thursday, June 7, 2012


Well, now I figured out what it takes to get some comments and banter around here - be a shitty dad! Excellente. I just might go for a few similar posts, just to keep things stirred up a bit. I respect all opinions - everyone makes excellent points. The post remains up - for now. Been too busy to rethink whether I shoudl take it down (which would be a first for this blog, actually).

Short post today because crazy day. Highlight of this coming weekend, swim meet aside, is the Little Dude and I are running the famed Dipsea race (do check out the link if you have some time -  it's such a cool race) together - as volunteers. We are sweepers - meaning we take off about 15 minutes after the last runner and "sweep" the course. We make sure stragglers are ok; tend to the injured and clean up the course. I think it will be super fun, for no other reason than we are doing it together. It's also good to give back form time to time, especially to a sport that's been so good to me.

I will send some pictures form the trail.

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Melissa Boehning Libert said...

Maybe I'll feel differently when Miles is older, but I think what you wrote is honest and fair, and totally blog-worthy. Yes, it's about your son, but it's not something uber-personal and it's a teaching/learning moment for you both that we can all benefit from hearing. I'll be thinking more about this...