Monday, June 11, 2012

Three Day Weekend

I had a really enjoyable three day weekend.

Took Friday off and spent the day with the Little Girl. It was awesome; we went out for a proper lunch, swam (of course) and then I took her shopping. All I can say is that I hope my Wife lives forever, because shopping with/for a little girl isn't easy. But we picked out the cutest dress ever at J. Crew and in the process, also almost picked up the salesgirl, who thought we were very cute (had to have been the little girl!).

Saturday was a swim day, per usual, and both kids swam great. The Little Girl took first in back and two thirds but the story of the day was the Little Dude. He took two thirds (overall thirds - not just in his heat) but on back and breast. He nabbed three best times. and he qualified for the all-star meet in back. These are all considerable accomplishments, considering that he barely knew how to swim seven months ago. I gave him crap in a previous post but I will give him all the credit on the world in this one: he works his tail off with swimming and he's starting to reap the rewards. I am very proud of him.

On Saturday we co-hosted a "White Trash" party with friends. I will let this picture speak for itself.

And finally, on Sunday, the Little Dude and I ran the legendary Dipsea as volunteers. We were "sweepers" - our job was to assist runners that were in trouble - and there was a fair decent number of them, given the extreme heat. We had a complete and utter blast - we were able to watch the race unfold (and what an exciting race it was), help others and get in a pretty solid run ourselves. Doesn't get much better than that.

I might never race the Dipsea again as a "competitor" - but I would do that again in a heartbeat every year.

Next year both kids are pretty committed to running the Dipsea as competitors - that should be interesting to see.


Anonymous said...

that's exactly what you looked like in high school and college sans the tatoos. gs

Anonymous said...

pretty dress on prettier girl. question is can she swim in it? gs

Nana said...

Are you related to Howard Stern? The hairdoo is similiar. Looks like you had a fun weekend all around.